What is Happiness? How to be Happy?

What is happiness? Happiness is a feeling of positivity that reduces bad emotions and makes a person happy, cheerful, and joyful.

As we know that today’s generation finds their happiness through social media because they spend lots of time with social media activities like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp but they don’t know that it is not real happiness. Real happiness comes from inner satisfaction. Inner satisfaction is built when a person knows about his innermost level, to be at the current and search joy and happiness in little things that come in his path. Happiness and joy can achieve when a person is not connected to the breakdown or achievement that he looks at and faces, he remains calm, whatever comes at his path in any situation.

Tactics so you can be cheerful within yourself or passel.

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  • Try to change one of your mistakes.
  • Don’t try to involve in old fights.
  • Do meditation and yoga.
  • Write those things which you love most about yourself.
  • Forget all worries before starting a new day.
  • Forget the past and welcome the present.

Everyone deserves happiness in life so here are some simple ways through which you can find happiness.

# Be with the One Who Makes You Smile: According to research studies we have found that you will always feel happy when you are around those people who have always smile on their faces.

# Stuck on to your morals: Values sound like something which you find true, your beliefs, and fair and unfair are all matters. More with the time you respect them, they also represent you with respect and you feel better about yourself and for your loved ones.

Think about your life and take thing which works positive, and don’t let go those things which aren’t perfect. When positive things come off, let them come in even they are little one.

# Visualize the best: Don’t be scared to see at those things which you really need and look or try at those things to get in. Many people ignore this because they think that if doesn’t come in favour they feel discouraged or frustrated. The fact is that visualizing think getting what you need is the biggest ingredient for accomplishing it.


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# Do those things you dream: Do those things which you love to do and the things which give you happiness. For example, you are a good writer but unfortunately, your job is related to that field in which you are not interested like painter so in that case you are able to find your happiness and you will feel stress and dissatisfaction.

# Searchreason: People have their own beliefs and those who contribute to humanity for well-being tends to feel happy for their life. All people desire to contribute themselves for humanity then what they are because it fulfills.

# Auscultare to your heart: You are the one who knows what is good or bad which fills you up. Your colleagues and friends always say that you are perfect in that department but it doesn’t glide your boat. It can be entangled following your happiness. Just be nimble-witted.

# Poke yourself, not other people: It is easy to put blame on others for not achieving what you want but only you are responsible for your failures, not others so accept your fault. As soon as you realize by yourself and you believe in yourself that you have everything that it takes to achieve whatever you want to, to reach wherever you want to, that’s when you can excel in everything you do. This is what finding Happiness is all about.

# Be ready to adapt to change: Change is necessary whether you like it or not. If you change with the things that change so you feel good and motivated if you can’t change you will easily get frustrated and stuck in life at some point so make future plans and make yourself emotionally strong for the experience.

# Please yourself from small pleasures: The person who loves you makes memories with you, cracks jokes, happy days or loving nights these all can tie you with happiness or pleasures.

Happiness is according to you how much you can grasp with someone or without someone. It’s important to understand what things will make you happy.


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