What is the Best CMS For Your Business Website?

Choosing the right website builder will help you boost your chance of growth. There are a lot of great options available, but many are challenging to new users because of the relatively high skill requirement. Setting up your business website on a number of platforms can be challenging for users who do not have prior coding experience.
Many website builders also have a limited number of options, with users limited in their customization and ability to manipulate the code to suit their needs. Setting up on these websites can be challenging since it limits your ability to develop your website to help you meet your expectations. That’s why it’s a must to do a decent analysis (go through online guides like Website Advisor) and then decide which website builder is the best. 
WordPress holds the biggest market share, at about 60%. It powers every third website and is primed to affirm this position (more insights on this WordPress review).

Because it offers great benefit for its users and is tweaked to help improve visitor satisfaction levels. Here are a few reasons why you should consider setting up your website on WordPress.

It is Free

You can set up your website on the platform without incurring any costs. The platform offers free options for users, enabling website owners to make and run their websites without incurring any costs. You can create your website on the platform for free, and do so easily. The one-click installation process ensures users have no problem setting up your website

It is Scalable

WordPress website owners can create their desired website to suit their needs. The platform allows you to create a website type that suits your needs. You can create a social media, membership service, e-commerce website, company blog or knowledge-based website in line with your needs. Even though the platform started out as a blogger platform, it offers you the ability to scale it to meet your requirements,

It is Versatile

WordPress offers users real variety in a number of fields. It is compatible with different web hosts, allowing users to pick a host that fits within their budget. You can also choose from thousands of plugins and themes that will help you create a personalized website. On the platform, you will be able to attach different types of content onto your posts.
Whether you are looking to add links, images, videos or other types of content, you can do so on your WordPress based website in the click of a button. This ensures users have diverse content which will help attract and keep visitors to their website.

It can be Customized

You can choose between different plugins and themes to help customize your website to meet your expectations. There are tens of thousands of themes and plugins available through the WordPress repository. Users can take advantage of these tools to customize their website perfectly, without paying any money.
These themes allow website owners to add features that make their website more suitable to their brand. While you can also access these tools from different third-party providers, you may need to look into different websites to determine the viability of each provider or look through reviews to know how well a plugin performs.

It is Mobile Friendly

WordPress is responsive to mobile, with many of the themes optimized for a mobile interface. Users can access the website builder on their mobile, which ensures that all your visitors are enabled and are accessible to your business website.
This is important because the majority of users are shifting to a mobile interface, and failing to create a responsive platform could lock out millions of potentially interested users. For brands based on or targeting users of certain regions, a platform that is responsive to mobile could be the biggest draw for potential visitors.

It SEO Friendly

WordPress takes advantage of components of the SEO algorithm in its build. Your website could be better ranked than other websites by virtue of being powered by WordPress alone. There are many aspects of search engine optimization that WordPress takes into account, including user satisfaction and security.
By setting up a website on the platform, your brand will be well placed to take advantage of the benefits of ranking highly in search engine results. Aside from more visibility, users are more likely to trust a highly ranked result, which could attract more trustworthy followers to your brand.

It is Business Friendly

Aside from SEO and mobile compatibility, the platform has a lot to offer your business. You can engage with users and keep track of their interactions with your brand, as well as monitor their satisfaction levels. There are a number of new integrations that are designed to help you get in touch with multiple followers at once, helping make it easier to carry out mass marketing.
Integrations such as social media additions onto WordPress make it easier to market through your followers, which could help you attract even more potential clients through avenues that will guarantee better conversion rates than most options available. These combine to make WordPress a friendly platform for your business.

It is easy to use and manage

You can set up your website on WordPress in a matter of minutes. The platform is easy to understand and use, and offers users a smooth learning curve. Even if you have no experience on the platform, you will be able to set up your website within minutes.
There is a large WordPress community that will offer thorough help whenever you may need it. You can explore video tutorials, blogs and forum posts to help get a hang of managing your website on the platform.

Final word

Dedicated WordPress specialists such as WPFIXs will ensure your website is looking and functioning well. They can provide different services, which ensure you can choose a package to suit your needs. Aside from helping you choose the right themes and plugins, they can help you optimize your website to ensure optimum user satisfaction levels.
These specialists are part of the large WordPress community and will help provide input that will boost your site’s growth. if you are unable to afford comprehensive services, you may consider combining these efforts with plugins and other free options to help you stay within your budget.


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