What is True Love? Signs and Characteristics of True Love

Love isn’t a feeling, it’s a state of mind.

Relationships are wild. And exciting. Love fills your heart and soul with a warm, fuzzy feeling. To find true love and be loved in return is one of the happiest moments of an individual’s life.

However, not all relationships end up in a happy love story and in most cases, that happens because you refuse to let go, hoping things will automatically fall into place.

Snap out of it, because it’s not happening. Sacrifice, hard work, commitment, trust, and respect are some building blocks of true love.


You know you’ve found true love if you find yourself nodding in agreement with most of these signs:

1. You don’t have secrets

True love has no room for secrets. Both the partners are at ease about sharing anything and everything with each other.

You trust your partner enough to know that he/she won’t judge you for anything that happens in your life – good or bad.

You know you’ve found true love when you can confide in someone without the fear of being judged.


2. You don’t play games

Individuals only play games when they are either in a state of lust or are really selfish. True love is about keeping the needs of your partner before yours.


3. You respect each other

You never lose respect for someone you truly love no matter how nasty your last fight was.

You still treat them with respect and continue to focus on their good qualities rather than the bad.

If you see your partner as a superior or inferior to you, don’t label it as true love because it’s not.

Don’t expect to be respected if you continue to disrespect your partner; you only get what you give.

Respect your partner
Respect your partner


4. You care about them

You think before you act; you care about their feelings more than you do about yours.

You support your partner during their tough times, instead of stressing them out, you encourage them and try to keep them happy.


5. You look beyond their flaws

No one’s perfect and if you can accept your partner as is, then you’ve found true love.


6. You show kindness

You are generous, friendly and considerate when it comes to true love. You never want to hurt them and feel horrible if you do.

You are genuinely concerned about them and don’t feel vulnerable to express your concerns.


7. You work towards improving your relationship

You willingly put in the effort, take a few punches (not literally, that’s a violent relationship – get out of it ASAP), and go through all the tough times together.

You strive towards making it a healthier, happier and more fulfilling relationship because you like the way it lets you connect with your partner.

You stick around even when your partner vents out his/her frustration on you, you tackle arguments with patience and respect just so that you can get back to your happy relationship.

Relationships focus on WE instead of ME
Relationships focus on WE instead of ME


8. You stick to your promises

You never make false promises to someone you truly love because it isn’t a game, it is an extension of trust.

When you break a promise, you break your partner’s trust and end up hurting them.

Even if you can’t keep a promise, you would discuss that with your partner instead of leaving them hanging.


9. You are empathetic

When you are in a relationship for fun and games, you see things from your own perspective.

This changes when you get into a relationship with your true love. You begin to see things from their perspective too and then act upon it.

For instance, when you truly love someone, you would understand they vented out on you because they had a bad day at work.

Instead of fighting back and throwing a fit, you would support them and try to lighten their mood.


10. You’re satisfied only when they are

True love is all about give-and-take and you don’t enjoy things if your partner doesn’t. You feel disturbed if they do.

Even when you are feeling low, seeing your partner happy will bring a sense of appreciation to you.

You value them too much to see them unhappy. You go over leaps and bounds to make sure they are comfortable and satisfied.

True love is all about finding happiness together
True love is all about finding happiness together


11. You stay when the going gets tough

True love is sticking to your partner especially when they are hardest hit or going through something physically or mentally.

You stay put as they struggle to find themselves and piece back their life together. You don’t give up even when everyone else has.


12. You learn to look at the bigger picture

Complaining occasionally is fine but if you constantly complain and compare your partner with others, it’s anything but true love.

Sure, your partner might annoy you at times but you remember why you love them and put up with them.

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13. You let them grow

Suffocating your partner is a big no-no.

Healthy relationships allow individuals to have their own space without hurting the feelings of another and being there for each other no matter what.


14. You are their biggest cheerleader

It isn’t true love if your partner isn’t your biggest cheerleader.

If your partner can’t be genuinely happy for you or your accomplishments and rewards, you are definitely with the wrong person.


15. You are loyal

True love means staying committed to one person. All those of you who can’t be loyal, please swipe right on Tinder instead of getting in and out of meaningless relationships.

You’ll save the other person from heartbreak and gain their respect by being honest about it.

True love is all about finding happiness together


Characteristics of True Love

Individuals often confuse true love with things like possessiveness or jealousy.

True love isn’t either of those. But these 15 things are.

So we bring you the REAL characteristics of love:

1. It means bidding goodbye to *unrealistic* expectations

Yes, we all want our partner to be more outgoing, and ambitious, and smarter. But you can’t have unrealistic expectations for your partner because no one can really be perfect.

Your outfit can be perfect but your partner can’t be. You must learn to love and respect your partner for who they really are.


2. You don’t play the blame game

While both of you can argue for three days straight and continue to blame each other, individuals who truly love each other would take responsibility, apologize and the other one will forgive them.

You stop taking things personally and let go of small issues to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner.


3. You let go of small things

We’re familiar with the saying “If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it’s yours. If it doesn’t, then it never was.” it applies to true love too.

Love is like a free bird, you don’t hold it tightly and nip its wings. Instead, you are willing to set them free if that’s what they really want.

Don't be jealous or possessive
Don’t be jealous or possessive


4. True love has no room for jealousy

Sure, a little jealousy is cute. But our belief that our partner doesn’t love us because he/she isn’t crazy jealous is complete crap.

If you truly love someone, you believe in them and you know they will come back to you, only you.


5. Wants vs needs

You can only truly love someone when you want them and not just need them.

Wanting someone knows that you immensely love them but at the same time, they have complete freedom to leave.


6. Action vs feeling

When we fall in love, we feel escalated. Everything around us seems better and we feel as though we’re on “cloud 9”.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but this feeling is going to fade with time.

This doesn’t mean it isn’t true love, it just means that it’s not new anymore. Both of you are used to each other and are content that way.

However, when one of you feels the need to be loved, don’t disregard their feeling.

Show them your love and tell them you care when they are upset – don’t just assume that they know everything.


7. True love is unconditional

It does not have limits or boundaries. If you truly love someone, you will love them unconditionally.

Learn to love your partner unconditionally
Learn to love your partner unconditionally


8. Putting your partner’s need before your own

If you don’t put your partner’s needs before your own, they are bound to feel resentful. True love means valuing your partner and genuinely making an effort to keep them happy.


9. True love = attention

You don’t ignore someone you truly love. You want to be together with them and spend your time with them.

You don’t mind giving (and receiving) all the attention that is needed and showing love, and you definitely don’t see it as a chore.


10. True love understands and accepts differences

We’re all different… duh! Each and every individual on this planet has a different set of values, thoughts and a different outlook towards life.

True love doesn’t make their partner feel wrong about being different, rather it is embracing these differences with respect.


11. True love is all about feeling good

Not all relationships are about true love. If they don’t make you feel good, then it’s about time that you let go and search for your true love.


You can now love TRULY and EQUALLY

Last week, the Supreme Court scraped off section 377 and declared that homosexuality is no longer a crime in India.

This decision has come across as a relief to many and can be marked a rainbow moment in Indian history.

You can now love TRULY and EQUALLY
What was not natural is now au naturel

Signs of true love from a man and signs real love.

Editor’s favorite quotes on True Love:

These two quotes have been my favorite for a while because they had a profound impact on me. It changed my perspective on true love to a greater extent.

What is True Love? Signs and Characteristics of True Love

What is True Love? Signs and Characteristics of True Love

Remember, true love is all about feeling good, happy, and appreciated. Anything other than this is not true love.

Relationships would be so blissful only we loved our partners as much as we love ourselves!


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