What Makes a Commercial Fly Screen Worth the Cost?

Do you run an office, a food establishment, or a hotel? Do your customers complain about annoying insects contaminating their food and drinks? The truth is, warm weather and the sweet aroma of food from your kitchen will always attract flies. However, flies can undermine your reputation especially if you are in the hospitality industry. This is why you need to invest in commercial fly screens so that you can keep every space in your business well ventilated and airy and keep those annoying flies away. But why are commercial fly screens so important, and are they really worth the cost? 

Here are four reasons why you need to invest in a commercial fly screen for your business establishment.

1. Commercial Fly Screens Provide the Best Insect Prevention Solution

If you are in the food business, you understand that there are very strict regulations that govern the food industry. You must ensure that your hotel establishment meets all the hygiene standards required.

If your kitchen is close to the serving area, flying insects can rotate from the dustbins to the buffet serving area and this can result in the transmission of diseases such as typhoid fever, cholera, and diarrhea. 

With a commercial fly screen installed in your business, you can ensure that insects stay out of your business and your kitchen area will always be properly ventilated. Instead of closing all the windows and doors, invest in a high-quality flyscreen as this will be the first step to keeping your establishment clean and well ventilated at all times. 

2. Commercial Fly Screens Last

Commercial fly screens made using aluminum or stainless steel are worth every coin because they last long. Even after many years of bearing the harsh treatment from all the weather elements, they will still look as good as new. Did you know that a commercial fly screen can withstand forced entry? Yes, an aluminum flyscreen is strong enough to withstand an attempt of forced entry while still serving its purpose as a flyscreen. 

Thanks to the high-quality materials commercial fly screens are made of, they can withstand corrosion and pitting even when installed in highly saline environments that are found in coastal towns.

3. Commercial Fly Screens Add Value

Commercial fly screens also boost property appeal. No one wants to invest in a business that looks worn out and unappealing. If you invest in high-quality commercial flyscreens for your business. You will notice that many customers will soon get attracted to the ambiance your business offers. 

Commercial fly screens will also go a long way in reducing the impact of UV rays on your floor and furniture. This is because furniture and fitting can become sun-bleached after too much sun exposure. A commercial fly screen will conveniently block out direct sunlight from hitting your furniture. While still allowing ample natural light to flow into your space.

4. Cooling

Are you looking for a stress-free cooling solution? Well, start by investing in a commercial flyscreen. During the hottest summer months, you can actually leave the doors and windows open and still enjoy privacy and security. While allowing fresh air to circulate inside your space freely. If you rely on air conditioning and this is raking your electricity bill, a commercial fly screen can help you reduce your energy costs as well. 



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