Why is Martial Arts important for Girls?

Martial Arts in an ancient combat form which has never gone out of the picture.

“Martial” word is derived from the name of the Roman God of War called “Mars”. It is a collective name for all the forms of fighting that follow a particular pattern or are systemized in nature. There was a time when Martial Arts was specifically confined to the males of the society Martial Arts for girls is being spoken about a lot these days, and so today we are going to talk about why Martial Arts is important for girls.

Karate, Kung-Fu, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Judo and Wrestling etc. are some of the very well-known forms of Martial Arts.

Before going into too much details about the Martial Arts field, let us start with the history of this amazing sport.

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Martial Arts – A Brief History


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When we talk about the history of Martial Arts, it is important to know that ancient person involved in different kinds of hunting and fighting. Hence, each civilization had its own version of combat or martial arts. It is believed that Martial Arts initially finds its roots in Asian Countries, that too primarily China, Japan, and India. People from these three countries have their own arguments on the emergence of this combat style.

Nevertheless, Asia holds the credit for the emergence of Martial Arts as an effective combat system. It started as a combat system and with time it has converted more into a self-defense technique.


Why Girls should take Martial Arts?

As I discussed earlier, Martial Arts have converted into a self-defense technique which is the prime reason why Girls should get involved in different forms of Martial Arts so that they may develop some self-defense skills for their own good. We all know that girls are always afraid of going out a lot because of so many sex crimes going on in the country. Girls have to go through the cheap comments, eve-teasing, harassment, being followed, groping, molestation, etc., and at times, something as horrifying as rape as well, from different anti-social elements and they don’t know how to defend themselves from these kinds of activities. Lack of knowledge regarding Self-defense may affect a girl’s life terribly.

This is where the need for Martial Arts arises. Martial Arts develops self-confidence in a girl and also boosts her self-esteem. Knowing how to defending and keeping oneself safe from harm has become crucial for girls these days. Let us look over some of the major benefits a girl can derive out of Martial Arts:-


1.Physical Fitness and Skills

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Martial Arts is a perfect way for the female part of the society to keep themselves fit and healthy. Martial Arts also develops athletic skills which carry along into other sports as well. Major physical benefits include Speed, Agility, Balance, Flexibility and Muscular strength, etc.

There are different forms of Martial Arts in which girls participate on a global platform of Olympics including Wrestling, Karate, Judo, Boxing, and Taekwondo, etc. Promoting such events on such a big platform also motivates the females to participate in martial arts.

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2.Psychological Benefits


Martial Arts for girls is an opportunity to learn something with which no one can do harm to them. This gives them a lot of psychological boosts and they feel far more independent and self-reliable. It marks important values like honor, respect, and humility which are hard to fed in the youth stage.

3.Lessons of Life


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Martial Arts has got a lot of life lessons from which one can learn a lot and build one’s own independent personality as they grow mature. Martial Arts challenges you on physical grounds, mental grounds, emotional grounds as well as psychological grounds. Values that are important to build yourself as a successful person like hard work, courage, persistence, etc. also can be learned through Martial Arts.



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We have been talking about this throughout this article. Being able to defend yourself against any harm is a different level of confidence that is built through the art of Martial Arts.

Along with girls themselves, it will also give their parents a bit of relief that their daughter knows some combat techniques which can help her defend herself if ever needed. With the growing crimes against women, it is important to know more than just the use of pepper spray. Different forms of Martial Arts can help a lot to defend oneself in the time of need.

5.Because it’s cool

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You might have heard of Ronda Rousey (Former UFC Women’s Champion and Current WWE Champion). She is a fighting legend who has inspired a lot of young girls out there to step into different forms of Martial Arts. I am not saying that knowing some techniques to hit anybody is cool, but yes, you can’t say it isn’t fun, right?

Also, there are 5 key benefits you can draw if you know the art of Martial Arts.

      • Martial Arts teaches you how to plan your activities and prepare for aggression.
      • Martial Arts also develops the ability of preventing and repelling aggression from others.
      • Martial Arts guides you on how to shock and further surprise your aggressor with effortless combat skills.
      • Martial Arts helps you disengage your aggressor, evade your aggressor and further escape your aggressor.
      • Martial Arts help you create peace of mind and minimize the aftermath of assault or aggression.

In this article, we have tried to explain how Martial Arts can be the key to defend yourself from harm and protect yourself from aggression uncalled for. Moreover, it is important to understand how important it is for girls in today’s generation to learn some combat skills so that they can easily come out of such harmful situations and avoid terrible things from happening. Martial Arts provides an environment that is a safe and controlled way to handle aggression and retaliate to it accordingly. We strongly hope this article to be helpful for you readers.

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