Why We Should Only Vote For Ministers Who Are Bachelors

“Greed has always marked an upward surge of mankind, Greed is good”

Gordon Gekko

(Stated celebrated fictional character in the movie Wall Street, 1987).

Greed has always marked an upward surge of humanity.

The greed to be more powerful, the greed to succeed is what drives some of us, and greed has a strong relationship with political power.

Especially in a country like India.


The question is: Why should we vote for ministers who are bachelors?

To answer this question let us go back to 1947 when India got its independence.

Since then it has always been a bachelor prime minister who brought in the most development, progress, and prosperity for the nation.

Since our country cannot have leaders like Jyotiraditya Madhavrao Scindia or Barak Obama who are married and yet work better than the bachelors, we need more leaders like Mr Narendra Modi.

Even Rahul Gandhi (who is clearly not in charge, Sonia Gandhi is) agreed on Times now channel that some Congressmen were involved in 1984 Sikh Riots.

I mean, who does that?

He might be a bad politician controlled by other family members, but he’s not a bad human being after all (read: innocent).

Studies support the fact that single people tend to have a more fulfilled life than those who are in a committed relationship.

I’m not saying that the nation’s progress slowed down because men decided to “settle down”.

Let’s face it, men and women alike aspire to graduate from a good B-school, land up a job that pays well, get married and start their own families.

And that goes perfectly fine by me.

I have had my fair share of experience when it comes down to women and relationships and I’d always choose to live with a woman than on my own.

I know it is a little contradicting but hear me out before you start tsk-tsk-ing.

Life without a woman feels incomplete.

I remember feeling lonely when I was single for three long years.

However, loneliness changed me. Drastically might I add?

I became greedy. I was working twice my capacity and business was booming. No matter how many deals I closed in, I felt like something was missing.

Even though I had accomplished greater heights, I didn’t particularly like this change in me.

So, I decided to get into a relationship. It brought a positive change within me.

It made me more sympathetic towards society.

I wanted to do something for the people around me, add up to humanity. I had a new aim: to make this world a better place.

In my opinion, love is a blessing.

But NOT when it comes down to serving a country like India. Most politicians in India are involved in illicit businesses.

They have broken civil laws and spread corruption rather than spreading awareness.

To conclude, I strongly agree!

Single Politicians > Married politicians

Narendra Modi or Adiyanath Yogi are prime examples of the kind of leaders I’m talking about.

But when it comes to serving this country, Bachelors will always have an upper hand over married men because:

Savings? What is that?

They don’t have to buy expensive diamond jewellery for their wife or the latest car for their kids because obviously, they have neither.

They aspire to gain some (infinite) fame

It is anything but a surprise that most individuals join politics to gain popularity, and can go to any length (read: stoop down to any level) to gain fame.


They have more of ME time

It is evident from the number of trips our Prime Minister Mr Modi has been on that they have more time to themselves than what an individual has in a committed relationship.

Yes, those were business trips but did a little soul searching in an exotic destination hurt anybody?


They strongly believe in Philanthropy

Bollywood stars like Salman Khan are often seeing donating a major portion of their wealth towards the welfare of society.


They live for their country

Undoubtedly, they only aim to serve another day to their people and their nation.


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