Why Women Empowerment should be encouraged?

Women Empowerment has been the word of mouth in recent years and in order to make our country India grow, women empowerment is crucial as there exists a lot of gender inequality.


Women empowerment is basically increasing the participation of women in various activities which helps to build stronger economies, improving quality of life, and promoting gender equality.

Encouraging women’s empowerment is crucial in today’s scenario as it is very important that women are independent and are capable enough to make their own decisions and live their lives the way they want to.



Women should have their own thoughts and opinions so that they can take a stand for themselves and overcome all the family-related barriers and change the orthodox thinking of people.

Women handle the problems well and make much more effective decisions. As it is truly said, “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened.”

Why is women’s empowerment necessary?


A lot of people are unemployed and most of them constitute women for about 50% of the total population. The number of opportunities in the workplace is less for women when compared.

Educating women will not only help in their personal well-being but will also help in the overall development of the economy. If women will not be employed a lot of talent gets wasted and this is a big loss.

Women are capable enough to give competition and to get competition. They are smart enough to handle situations themselves and give an answer to the problem that arises in their way.

Women empowerment helps in reducing corruption and domestic violence as the women know their duties and rights well enough and can use them at any point in time and being educated poses a benefit and makes it easier to handle adverse situations.

As with the growing demands, the income earned by males is becoming insufficient for the family so there is a need to empower women so that collective needs can be met and this will help in reducing poverty.

Women should be treated with dignity and respect in society and should be provided with a proper working environment and this calls explaining about several human rights which they have.

Why is women’s empowerment necessary?


Educating women is the foremost step in empowering women. Proper education facilities should be provided which will help society to grow at large.

To support women in times of crisis. Issues like abuse and violence along with child labor and child marriages should be taken care of. Proper counseling and care should be given.

Mentoring is a good option. You can always inspire people with your words.

To search for a great pool of hard-working female entrepreneurs who have a mission to accomplish but all they need is funds to convert their dreams into reality. Collaborations will make great success stories.

Women empowerment should focus on developing decision-making skills which make the task easier by involving fewer efforts and will be less time-consuming.



Women should focus on developing self-confidence as it will help in sharing one’s thoughts in front of people and groups.

Network building gives various opportunities. For communities to change their views, only network building can help in spreading knowledge among various social groups and make them aware of various topics like violence, abuse, and family planning.

Women can become great public leaders and can dominate society with their voices. It includes attending various meetings and becoming members of different communities.

Women empowerment will help women in learning different business activities which will help in generating income and thereby, will lead to an increase in savings automatically.

To develop and grow this economy let women empowerment be the solution! I hope I have been able to make you guys understand why Women’s Empowerment has become an important factor. Feel free to share your valuable thoughts in the comments section below.

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