Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy but it has its own perks like you get to be your own boss and do as you please.

In other words, you get to make your own decisions and get to travel extensively.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen alike, travel for two purposes: a. for business, and b. to unwind and relax.

We combined both the purposes and narrowed down fifteen destinations where you can work and play without having to worry about anything but living in the moment.

Slow down, retreat into yourself, and come back refreshed, rejuvenated and re-inspired to help you find your center, refocus your vision and remind yourself why you started and where you want to be.

Read on, your body and business will thank us!

  1. Mexico

Mexico offers the most appealing labor costs for businesses. With that being said, entrepreneurs trying to cut down on labor costs prefer doing business in Mexico.

It is also a fascinating place to visit as a tourist; fabulous beaches, steamy jungles, chili-spiced cuisine, and teeming cities.

Mexico recreates diverse, vivid dreams and the reality unquestionably lives up to them!



  1. China

Wild and exciting, China makes you want to get packing and get going.

China has it all from breathtaking antiquity to stupendous scenery and very rich and diverse culture.

Entrepreneurs and businessmen prefer China for business and expansion because the labor is cheap, productive and extremely efficient.

Moreover, the Chinese government also encourages new businesses and you’d be surprised to find out the kind of opportunities China has to offer to entrepreneurs.



  1. India

India prides itself on being a diverse country- from artistic heritage and ancient traditions to splendid landscapes and culinary creations-it will definitely ignite your curiosity and warm your soul.

It is also one of the fastest-growing economies of the world and with a lively economy, cheap labor, and suitable business conditions, entrepreneurs and businessmen alike find India a very fitting country for business and expansion.



  1. Montreal

A city that’s in love with the arts, festivals, good food, living well and enjoying the life to the hilt, (and with an expanding economy), Montreal is a pretty friendly city for both personal and business reasons.

They will go out of the way to welcome you and make you feel at home.



  1. Singapore

With a fusion of cultures, Singapore has its own spark and is fast becoming one of Asia’s bucket-list destinations.

It feels as though the entire country was built with the sole purpose to attract new businesses; it’s extremely simple to begin a new business or expand an old one.

Singapore has left no stones unturned and has modernized the country to welcome businessmen and entrepreneurs in their country.



  1. Hong Kong

It attracts a lot of entrepreneurs simply because underneath all that glass and steel of its commercial persona lies a dynamic culture where Chinese roots and home-grown talent intertwine.

Hong Kong is a fantastic place to consider for expansion because its economy reflects the ingenuity of its citizens.

Hong Kong
Hong Kong


  1. Saudi Arabia

The country has a strict set of rules and regulations but the economy of Saudi Arabia is thriving and the fact that they have a lot of money within their economy makes it an ideal place to start a new venture or expand your business.

You might have to deal with some red tape but overall the country is friendly to entrepreneurs and businessmen.

Also, the country offers rich attractions to tourists.

Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia

Bon voyage!

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