Work It: Top 4 Workout Apps

The days of boring fitness regimens are over. We find apps that will make you look forward to your next workout.


1. Fit Radio Workout Music and Coach

If music is your motivation of choice, this app is a bottomless barrel of songs and playlists sorted by genre, artist and activity type to choose from.

It also comes powered with audio guides to coach you through an array of workouts.

While tracking your progress, the running mode also chooses songs with beats per minutes to match your pace so you don’t slow down throughout the run.

The playlists are designed to match your workout and mood, so expect your mix to go from cheery to pumping as you progress.

Free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android.


2. Zombies, Run!

Plug in your earphones for simulation of zombies chasing you. Your way to survive? Run far, far away from them!

With options to integrate your own music into the game’s soundtrack, the audio guides you through all levels as you play hero to humanity.

Talk about a challenge!

After your workout, you can use points you earn on missions to rebuild civilization in the post-apocalyptic world.

Free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android.


3. Couch to 5K

This running app is designed to help you get in shape, one step at a time.

You get to choose between four virtual coaches, ranging from a cheerleader to a hard taskmaster.

Your coach then gives you tips on how to perform better and even motivates you when you slow down.

Your runs are GPS-enabled, so your progress is tracked in real time. Treadmill options are enabled too. Perfect for beginners, the app costs ₹249 for iOS and ₹190 for Android.


4. 7 Minute Superhero Workout

This app makes your at-home workout more interesting.

As a part of the Orbital Defence Corps, you are tasked with powering up your superhero battle suit by completing high-intensity workouts in short intervals of time.

Though not suitable for beginners, the audio-visual guides take you through each move.

The app uses your phone’s front camera to count your reps and measure the calories you’ve burnt.

You can always enter Battle Workout-an endless interactive gameplay mode- if you get bored of regular missions.

The app costs ₹249 for iOS and ₹210 for Android.


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