Achieving nanny nirvana just got easier.


There are certain things in life that should be immutable – the correct way to hire a nanny is just one of them.

For all parents, finding the right nanny means someone who fits with your family’s requirements, values, budget and of course, the one who ‘feels right.’

We bring you six steps to help you select the right nanny for your kid:

1. Pen Down Your Needs

Begin with writing a complete list of all your family’s needs and requirements, including the must-haves and nice-to-haves.

If there’s a specific age group you’re looking for, mention it; should know multiple languages? Mention it. Should know cooking or driving? Mention it.

Make sure you have a clear image of what your ideal nanny looks like.


2. Make a Budget

Next, consult your partner and/or family and decide the budget for your nanny.

A nanny would only stick around if you pay fair so asking around the neighbourhood and deciding the salary is one of the best ways to attract the best candidates.

Your budget should include taxes, holidays, allowance (when with your children), bonuses apart from the pay.


3. Create a Job Post

A job post must be engaging, detailed and clear – to make sure all potential candidates understand the entire list of responsibilities involved with the job and benefits both the parties.


4. Shortlist and Interview

Once you have all the information about potential candidates, start shortlisting them against your ‘Ideal nanny list’.

Arrange an interview for all the candidates that make the cut and politely turn down those who don’t.

Interviewing candidates in person is better than interviewing them on Skype or phone, therefore, schedule an interview on a day that is convenient for everyone.

Interviewing nannies shouldn’t be any different than any other corporate job interview – focus on the candidate’s personal qualities and qualifications.

Prepare your questions in advance and rule out all your concerns during the interview. Repeat the job requirements and make sure they understand all the responsibilities associated with their job.  

As a parent, keep everything aside for a minute and give yourself some time to think about the potential candidate you’re interviewing. Observe them minutely.

Does your entire family feel comfortable with them? Are they capable of handling themselves well? Do they cheer up when they see children or do they seem hesitant/awkward around them?

All these questions and signs are important when making a decision. Do the ‘instinct’ check – does the candidate just ‘feel right’? Consider hiring them if you feel positive about them.


5. Check References

Your nanny is going to be around your children and you don’t want to lose your peace of mind with the very thought.

Checking references is absolutely vital. Schedule a meet-up with previous employers if you feel that will satisfy you.


6. Organize the Payroll

Once you select the nanny, make sure you organize their taxes and payroll and show them you are serious about the employment from the very beginning.